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Some men are blessed with natural talent while very few craft their lives to become greats. There are a few humans who acquire both and become greatest. In every sport, there are a few names renowned worldwide. One such name is Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world.

In addition to his genetical superiority needed for the sport, his unflagging potential has really adroit him as the greatest and most sought after athlete ever. 32-year-old lightning bolt currently holds the records for fastest 100m, 200m and 4*100m.

Bolt is a superhuman who literally dominated the track for years. When 12, Bolt won defeated Ricardo Geddes, who was the quickest runner at that time, over a free meal. The talent was spotted and constant enthusiasm made him what he is today.

Here are 5 Usain Bolt Records that are onerous to break

1. Fastest to run 100m

usain bolt 100 m
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Who can forget that 9.58 seconds dash at Berlin back in 2009 world championship?
He broke his own record of 9.69 seconds set in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He is known for his spectacular finish but people generally ignore his start, which is, if not the best, quite appreciable too. In recent times, only Gatlin could finish a race under 10 seconds.

2. Highest World Championship Gold Medals(Men): 11

usain bolt
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It’s a dream for many to even represent their nation at the world championship. On the other side, we have Usain Bolt who not only participated numerous times but aced the championship. He grabbed 11 Gold Medals in world championships from 2009-2015. Nowhere is even near to him in the list. This Usain Bolt record is quite unachievable.

3. Highest paid Olympian

usain bolt puma
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The Jamaican sprinter’s net worth is estimated at around $90 million. He is one of the highest paid Olympians of all time. His brand endorsement with Puma earned him a hefty amount of $33 million per year in 2016. This has to be one of the eye-catching Usain Bolt records for sure.

4. 200m Record Holder

usain bolt 200m

Running 22.48 mph, Bolt ran 200m in just 19.19 seconds in Berlin. He has won medals in every possible track championship. Be it commonwealth games, Olympics or World championship, Bolt has flashed and flashed hard. He himself tried hard to break the record but couldn’t achieve the feat. Usain Bolt records are quite universal truths.

5. Fastest relay (4*100m)

usain bolt relay

Not only ruling the individual events, but Bolt has also adept team events as he holds the record for fastest Relay (4*100). In 2012, Jamaican team, featuring Nesta Carter, Michael Frater, Yohan Blake, and Usain Bolt finished the race in 36.84 seconds breaking their own record of 37.04 seconds set a year ago. This was another feather in the hat of Usain Bolt Records.

Usain Bolt, apart from the prime mover, is a fantastic human being. He stays chilled despite circumstances. The positivity he brings really inspires a lot. Talking about Usain Bolt records, it will take a lot of painstaking to break them. But one thing is sure, nobody will ever rule the track as bolt did.

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