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MS Dhoni is one of the rare cricketers who have assayed success in every aspect of the game. These quotes on Dhoni will prove why he’s considered the prominent.

MS Dhoni is once in a lifetime player.

Who’s the most applauded cricket personality have you ever witnessed?

Well, this minuscule question may have too many responses based upon different parameters. But one name that will come into the mind of most is definitely Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

ms dhoni
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The calm on his face may betray you. The self-belief he has on himself is just marvelous. Not only, as a batsman but as a team member he has given so much to Indian cricket which one could have never thought of. His ability to sense the game makes him a much significant figure in cricket world. As a tribute, we have gathered a few quotes on Dhoni.

He got a quite young squad when he started along with few biggest names of Indian cricket. If anyone could have managed those superstars, it was one and only MSD. He made a few tough calls for which he had to face wrath back in that time. Later, his decisions were understood by fans and he is now considered as the brain of indian cricket. He even recalled Dravid in 2011 which was quite shocking.

From that last over to Joginder Sharma in t20 final of 2007 world cup to giving last over to Suresh Raina against South Africa, MS Dhoni has shown the world why he’s one of the best brains in cricket. Quotes on Dhoni to manifest his legacy is a tribute to Thala.

Watch MS Joginder Sharma’s last over in T20 world cup 2007. 

Dhoni finishes off in style. India lifts the world cup after 28 years.” Who can forgot those thrilling lines by Ravi Shastri? It was Dhoni who worked on the team and made it into history books. He started the journey by winning 2007 T20 world cup where india was an underdog.

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Dhoni has provided too much to Indian Cricket that no one can fill his shoes. He has a huge fan base around the world. He has excelled in batting as well as captaincy. The lightning quick stumping needs no introduction. Praised by many former cricketers, Dhoni is the one, capable of turning the match into his favor. Although a few quotes on Dhoni doesn’t describe aptly what he brings to the table, yet we have tried our best.

Quotes on Dhoni that shows why he’s Inordinate

1. The god hails the king. 

sachin quotes on dhoni
2. It’s really a privilege to play under the greatest captain: MSD.  

mike hussey quotes on dhoni
3. From the captain who ignited the spark to the one who flashed it everywhere.

Sourav Ganguly quotes on ms dhoni
4. The man with an immense self-belief. This has to be one of the best quotes on Dhoni.

Michael Vaughan quotes on ms dhoni
5. Dhoni would have loved to learn some calypso beats in return. 

ms dhoni quotes
6. The level of trust Coach Gary has on Dhoni is quite unimaginable.

Gary kirsten quotes on dhoni
7. These are quite big words by the little master.

sunil gavaskar quotes on dhoni
8. Rightly said, the kind of impact Dhoni has on cricket, he has no match.

ms dhoni quotes
9. That’s why he is called the best finisher.

alastair cook quotes on dhoni
10. Respected Worldwide.

michael clarke on ms dhoni

Well, these quotes on Dhoni truly describe why he’s respected so much, not only in India, but across the globe.

There are many speculations going around regarding Dhoni’s retirement. But we believe he is an irreplaceable asset to the team who needs to play till the time he feels he can.

SportsGP wishes best of luck t team India and MS Dhoni. Stay connected for more quotes on Dhoni.

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