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Shakib Al Hasan definitely featues in the list of best all rounders of all time. It will not be awry to divulge that modern cricket is the game of all-rounders. Not only an all-rounder cater the balance, but also capable of turnaround the outcome of matches single-handedly. Being an all-rounder isn’t plain sailing though, as you have to bat for longer periods and bowl some crucial overs  too.

Many all-rounders have marked their name but only a few could make it large. Most of them have been the talisman of their country.

How many of them have scored more than 5,000 runs and took more than 200 wickets?

Well, you have to think callous to name a few. Jacques Kallis is probably the first name that strikes into the mind. Then we had the southpaw Sanath Jaysuria and the entertainer Boom boom Afridi. It’s really an uphill battle to be an all rounder and represent your nation for years. Only few have been agile enough to achieve the unreal feat.

Shakib aL hasan
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If above were the heroes of the past, we have Shakib-al-Hasan who holds the present and future altogether. Shakib-al- Hasan has amassed over 7000 runs in ODIs and standing on the verge of taking 250 wickets. He is simply the culminating cricket player Bangladesh has ever produced. He is a world class player who is a top pick by most of the franchisees.

What Shakib Al Hasan Brings to the Table?

Shakib mostly bats no. 4 in ODIs and known for his temperament on the field. He has mastered the skill of holding the innings for a longer time, as well as providing the finishing by scoring some quick runs. He bowls a quality spin bowling with an accurate line and length. He hardly gives any easy chances to score on his bowling. Not to forget, he is a brilliant fielder too.

What else remains? What one needs from a player apart from batting, bowling, fielding, and captaincy?

shakib al hasan

Shakib Al Hasan is a complete package and has already donned great accomplishments in his career. He is one of the three players who has scored a hundred and taken 10 wicket haul in a test match. He has been the part of Asia XI as well as World XI. He has crested the all-rounders ranking quite a few times.

Shakib, not only is a good player but a brilliant human. He holds the immature Bangladesh squad with his calmness. Al Hasan is truly a gem for Bangladesh as well as International cricket as it is very rare to see someone having a high amount of potential in batting as well as bowling.

Shakib Al Hasan, along with Mushfiqur Rahim is one of the main pillars of Bangladesh batting. He is known for his economical bowling and capable of taking wickets at any stage of the game. He is a blessed cricketer and we hope he may scale new heights the more he plays.

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