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Aaand still the undisputed light heavyweight champion of the world is Jon Bones Jones.

In the pre-fight AV, Jones quoted “I heard Smith saying he’s not afraid of me, mentioning this clearly suggests he is afraid“. Jones is someone who dominates the fight even before it takes place in the octagon.

One needs to have nerves of steel to compete against the greatest of all time. Anthony Smith survived 5 rounds of assault from the champ and took the defeat gracefully. As it is said that you are your own competition, Smith accepted his flaws and said he will go back to the gym and try harder to come up again.

jon jones  vs anthony smith

Jon Jones ties with Anderson Silva for most continued UFC wins

How Jon Jones strategies the triumph?

Jones exhibited a marvelous display of high side kicks along with the mighty elbow shots he’s known for. First round was quite neutral where both the fighters just set up things. Jones made Smith exhausted in round 3 where once he got him in the position to land heck of punches. By the fourth round, Smith had no answers to Jones beating and it was just a matter of time for the champ to go invincible one more time.

All of a sudden, Jones came up with a knee shot on Smith’s head, which is against the rules of MMA. The brave ‘Lionheart’ who continued the fight despite bleeding badly and took over 200 body shots from the defending champion surely deserve a lot of respect. Not to forget, he could have been the winner by disqualification. He chose to lose it with grave rather than stealing the title.

anthony smith
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In the fifth round Jones continued the fight in a dominant position with relative ease. And he easily managed to outdone the opponent. Jones defeated Anthony Smith 48-44 by unanimous decision from the scorers.
When talked about his future plans, Jones said he isn’t calling out anyone now and he and he just want to enjoy the moment with his team. He was full of praises for his team mates as he believes that there’s a complete team behind any successful man.

jon jones gustafsson

In his previous fight against Gustafsson, Jones called out DC. Surprisingly, this time he stayed all cool as he preferred to celebrate the win more than anything else.

With almost no competition in the current weight division, it will be interesting to see where he moves further. He has killed the competition for him in the light heavyweight division and we hope to see him go to the higher weight division to fight Daniel Cormier and become Champ Champ.

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