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How would you feel when you were supposed to fight for the belt and in-between you got smacked by an underdog who takes away your interim belt?

We all were waiting for ages for Khabib vs Tony Ferguson to happen. April 18th, the UFC 249, was the date when these two powerhouses were expected to explode. Both of them were practicing firmly for the mega-fight. Nobody except the coronavirus itself knew that the fight will get canceled even for the fifth time.

There were little hopes of the fight to happen in a closed arena with zero fans. Somehow that got canceled too as the light-heavyweight champion Khabib was stuck in Russia. As a result, UFC 249 got canceled completely. Ferguson stated in his post-fight interview, he was preparing for the fight with Khabib since November 2019.

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Justin Gaethje bumps into the scene

UFC had to fit someone to fight Tony to keep moving UFC. There were names that got the dust off but Justin Gaethje was the one who got the nod. Not to forget, Gaethje was denied a fight against Conor earlier this year. Justin Gaethje, who is often considered as the underdog, has an exceptional record of 22-2-0. He hasn’t fought the big names but he has shown consistency over the years since his UFC debut. On short notice, he was offered a fight against El Cucuy in UFC 249. It was his chance to shine.

UFC 249 – When everybody was stunned. 

Tony Ferguson has got an enigma. He turns the opponent’s face with blood spilled. The same sort of fight was expected as Tony was looking in the best shape he has ever been.

As it is said, UFC is a bag full of surprises, Gaethje had a hurricane hidden. He landed punches and leg kicks with an explicit level of precision leaving Ferguson short of answers. Justin attacked Tony with his pin-point accuracy form the very first round of UFC 249 main event.

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Tony somehow made a little comeback in the second round. But Gaethje’s knuckles made sure Tony has to suffer a lot to say alive in the title fight. Supposed to be a cakewalk, Tony was stunned by the exceptional performance of Justin Gaethje in UFC 249. He got a cut near his eyebrow and later the lower portion of his eye got swallowed after a spleen fury of punches.

The onslaught was carried out for the entire fight. Experts were wondering if Gaethje would be able to replicate the initial round heroics in the championship rounds. But Gaethje proved that he is just more than a fit.

It was the 4th minute of the final round when the referee Herb Dean stopped the fight. By that time only Tony knows how he was still standing on his feet. His endurance and persistence are unmatchable. Nobody would have even lasted for 3 rounds after the kind of beating Tony got.

Was Tony Robbed in UFC 249?

Everyone knows about the great boxing skills of Tony and his fighting style. On the other hand, Khabib has an unparalleled grappling which is considered the best of all time. Tony was preparing for grappling and other related techniques throughout the course. And when the opponent was changed, maybe he didn’t get enough time to prepare for gaethje or he took him lightly.

Is Gaethje ready for Khabib?

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Now the road for the belt is clear. He has already declared that he wants no other fight other than Khabibb. But the question is he ready to fight the Eagle after UFC 249 triumph. Khabib is altogether a complete fighter who just loves to demolish the opposition.

Imagine Gaethje fights Mcgregor and Conor wins. Can we see Khabib vs Mcgregor 2?

Gaethje is riding high on his current success but still, it is believed that he is not at the level of Khabib.

It will be interesting to see if he straight away gets his hands on Khabib or he will be thrown a challenge from someone like Conor.


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