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Back in 2002, WWE was a star-studded event where most of the superstars were at their prime. The greatest of all time Undertaker had a feud with Triple H. The Rock was people’s champ and Stone Cold was just kicking asses as he always does. It won’t be fallacious to crown that phase as the golden era of wrestling. Then came the white shark, Brock Lesnar, and rest is history.

On March 18, 2002, the beast marks his debut in the main roster where he demolished multiple superstars. It was very well known that he is the next big thing in WWE. Few months after the debut, he annihilated The Rock to become the youngest WWE champion. He defeated almost each and every superstar. His feud with the Undertaker was the one to see.

brock lesnar

The only hurdle he faced in his career was Goldberg. The latter still has the odds in his favor. With Goldberg’s career is over, there’s no serious threat to Brock Lesnar’s supremacy. The suplex city owner now wrestles at his own terms. He can fight anyone, anytime, anywhere. He is a brand himself.

Where does Brock Lesnar Stand currently?

WWE has tried numerous superstars to create the same aura that Lesnar possesses. Unfortunately, none could fill the shoes of Brock Lesnar. They have tried Cena, the big dog Roman Reigns, Braun Strauman for a matter of fact. Brock Lesnar has developed himself a unique fanbase over the years.

In the entire roster, nobody is as big connoisseur as the beast is. His previous two titles shot opponents were literally no match for the beast. He has given an atrocious ride of suplex city to various superstars.
Lesnar is 41 now, and more than a wrestler, he has become a brand. He hardly appears in Monday night RAW and skips a few PPVs too. According to reports, he is set to slip Fastlane and RAW’s Elimination Chamber. Before WrestleMania 35, he will be seen in a lone WWE Raw.

brock lesnar

WWE impudently needs a superstar who can rule the roster as Lesnar does. It seems like they have run out of the options. Among the current lot, Bobby Lashley or Braun Strauman needs to turn up the heat.

Brock Lesnar barely speaks much as he believes in delivering F5s rather than trash talk. He has Paul Heyman to deal with that. Lesnar, just not only defeats an opponent, he simply finishes him. He destroys him so badly that the superstar thinks twice before asking for a rematch. He doesn’t just go with the flow. He is not seen putting his nose everywhere some overrated stars who just need publicity.

Lesnar is a class act and it will be intricate for Vince to find the superstar he needs. But one thing is sure, he needs to find someone soon as people don’t want to see their champ to appear once in a blue moon.

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